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Using the proper soil when planting is key. Heinz Brothers carry everything you need to make sure you give your plants the right start.  When it comes to planting your pots outdoors or indoors, Heinz Brothers recommends BACCTO® potting soils. BACCTO® is what we use when potting our plants. Other potting soils you'll find at Heinz Brothers include Miracle-Gro® and organic Gardener's Gold&trade.

If planting in the ground, we recommend Bumper Crop, an organic soil builder supercharged with mycorrhizae, worm castings, kelp meal, and dehydrated poultry manure. Alternatives include Garden Magic topsoil, a blend of sedge peat and sand, as well as Wholly Cow™ (cow compost) and a locally produced mushroom compost.

Whether planting in pots or the ground, Heinz Brothers recommends supplementing with Jack's ClassicCote Fertilizer,  Healthy Grow Fertilizer or Bumper Crop fertilizers.

Also available at Heinz Brothers are bagged straw, vermiculite, perlite, coir peat, peat moss, Veggie Planting Mix, sand, rocks, stone, pebbles, and bagged mulches - cedar, hardwood, dyed-brown cypress, cocoa bean, and pine bark soil conditioner. 

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